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A Reminder About NFL Practice Squad Salary, Rules And Eligibility

As we await for the Redskins to formally announce their cuts, a reminder about how the team will proceed with the players they want to make its practice squad.

From's Brian McIntyre: 

Eligibility for the practice squad is limited to players who do not have an accrued season in the NFL, or were on an active list (53-man roster) for fewer than nine games during their only accrued seasons. Players that have served two seasons on a practice squad are eligible for a third season only if the team has at least 53 players on its active/inactive list for the duration of that player's employment.

A player will be considered to have served on a practice squad in a season if he were a member of a practice squad for three regular or postseason games during his first two practice squad seasons, or for one regular season or postseason game during a third practice squad season.

The minimum weekly salary for practice squad players in 2011 (and 2012) is $5,700, an increase of $500 over the 2008-2010 rate. There is no limit to how much a team can pay a practice squad player. Several teams have enticed players with offers of increased pay, usually a few thousand dollars extra, to join or remain on their practice squad.

It appears that the Redskins have indicated they would like rookies Maurice Hurt and Aldrick Robinson to land on their practice squad, after they are able to clear the waiver wire. In that case, the team will still have six available spots to fill. With a large amount of the 2011 draft class making the 53 man roster, it remains to be seen who the other six members of the practice squad will be.