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Fantasy Football Team Name Suggestions, Redskins Edition (Featuring Puns!)

With the 2011 NFL season about to begin, you all have probably already done your fantasy football drafts. However, it's not too late to change your fantasy football team name. Earlier this week, SB Nation Detroit came up with a list of suggested fantasy names involving each of the 32 NFL teams. Here are the ones they suggested for the Redskins.

Rex and the City
Shanahan's Tanorexic Offense
Cooley's Weiner
Hightowered Offense
Torrainasaurus Rex
You Had Me At Helu
Donte Drink and Drive
Zorn Stash

Not bad, but we can do better. Therefore, I enlisted the help of my roomate to come up with some better Redskins-specific fantasy football team names. The results of our brainstorming session are below the jump. Warning: there are a lot of puns.

  • "I Just Had Rex"
  • "Rexual Healing"
  • "All Along The Hightower"
  • All-Torain Vehicles"
  • "Gym, Tan, Landry"
  • "As Cooley As Ice"
  • "Helu, Goodbye"
  • "London's Calling"
  • "Kerakpo!"
  • "Nancy Kerrigans"
  • "Orakpo-po"
  • "Horny For Zorny"
  • "Albert Buttersworth"
  • "Mike Shanahahahahahahan"
  • "Buyers And Sellers"
  • "Santana Claus"
  • "Like A Rocky McIntosh"
  • "Keyaron Foxy Lady"
  • "Leonard Hankypanky"
  • "Chris Chester The Molester"

And finally, my personal favorite if you have the room: