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Giants Vs. Redskins Preview: Five Questions With A New York Giants Expert

We talk to SB Nation's preeminent New York Giants expert to preview Sunday's Week 1 showdown between the Giants and the Redskins.

With the New York Giants coming to town on Sunday to kick their regular season off against the Redskins, we figured we needed to call on an expert from the other side to preview the game. We get a chance to catch up with Ed Valentine, the lead editor for SB Nation New York and SB Nation's Giants blog Big Blue View, for his perspective on the game.


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SB Nation D.C.: Which Giants injury could wind up being the biggest blow to their chances against the Redskins on Sunday?

ED VALENTINE: Has to be the newest one, to starting middle linebacker Jonathan Goff. He is their defensive quarterback, looked primed for a good year and the Giants will be playing an untested rookie in his spot. Giants fans love Greg Jones, and think he will be a good player, but asking him to start right away is a lot. All of that, of course, assumes that Justin Tuck (neck) will play. If he doesn't play, the answer changes.

SB Nation D.C.: Is it fair to expect the Giants run game to prosper the same way it had in years past despite the offensive line getting younger?

ED VALENTINE: I think the Giants will have to depend on the run. I'm not worried at all about their offensive line's ability to block for the run game. They have looked just fine doing that. The Giants' passing attack is a work in progress with the loss of Steve Smith and Kevin Boss.

The Giants turned the ball over 42 times last season and they have a banged-up defense. What they do have is that running game, and it can help overcome a lot of other issues.

SB NATION D.C.: Former Redskins Devin Thomas has a huge chip on his shoulder this week. Is he considered an impact returner now and how much of an impact can he have this Sunday?

ED VALENTINE: Thomas is still a bit of a mystery. Terrific return ability, but he's been up and down. He brings the potential of a big return, though, which the Giants did not have a season ago.

SB NATION D.C.: What looks to be the biggest acquisition (whether it be from the draft or free agency) this offseason that will play dividends in this game against the Redskins?

ED VALENTINE: Well, the only free-agent acquisition worth noting is starting center David Baas. We love the rookie draft class, and there are four rookie linebackers on the roster (two undrafted free agents), but they are all rookies who have never played. So, we will see.

SB NATION D.C.: Has the perception of Mike Shanahan and the Redskins within this division changed at all this offseason?

ED VALENTINE: Not really. At least from here the Redskins look like the fourth-best team in a four-team division, which is what they have been for years now. They need to prove they are better than that.

Many thanks to Ed for his answers. Click the link for more on the Giants vs. Redskins NFL Week 1 matchup. Also, be sure to visit Hogs Haven, SB Nation New York and Big Blue View.