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New Maryland State Bill Attempts To Make Fantasy Football Exempt From Gambling Laws

Do you live in the state of Maryland and play fantasy football for a cash prize? (C'mon guys, lots of hands should be raised). If so, you technically are violating a Maryland state law, which -- ambiguously, it should be noted -- places fantasy football on the same level as other gambling that is outlawed. Nobody has been prosecuted for participating in a fantasy football league, but that's technically the law.

But don't worry, because there's a politician who hears your voice! Meet Baltimore County state delegate John A. Olszewski Jr., a man of the people who is pushing a new bill that exempts fantasy football from the normal state gambling laws. Michael S. Rosenwald of the Washington Post has the story:

Olszewski, a Democrat from Dundalk, introduced House Bill 7, as the legislation says, "FOR the purpose of exempting certain fantasy competitions from gaming prohibitions; defining a certain term; and generally relating to fantasy competitions."

Rosenwald reports that clarifying the legality of fantasy sports has been on Olszewski's radar for a while, and that he believes it's an issue that is important to resolve (quickly, of course) despite it ostensibly being trivial.

This, my friends, is change we can believe in! Bravo, Mr. Olszewski! You bring a voice to the voiceless!