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NFL Offseason 2012: Raheem Morris Says Washington Redskins Offered Him A Job

Raheem Morris met with the Washington Redskins last week, presumably with the job of defensive backs coach as the central point of discussion. Now Morris is claiming that the Redskins did in fact offer him a job, according to Ira Kaufman of the Tampa Tribune, but that he is still weighing his offers.

"With Washington, it was more of an offer, but I also felt great coming out of my talks with Minnesota,'' said Morris, who interviewed for the defensive coordinator job with the Vikings.

"We should know something pretty soon because you can see jobs shaking out all over the league right now. I'll be back somewhere next season. I'm not going to just stay at home – I don't have that in me. I'm a football coach and we do what we do.''

Morris would be a nice get for the Redskins because he has experience in the position they want him to coach, as well as head coaching experience. But if the Vikings are offering him a defensive coordinator position, you have to think he'd jump at that one.

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