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NFL Playoffs 2012: Why Redskins Fans Shouldn't Root For The Ravens

Washington Redskins fans everywhere may be wondering if they should give in to John Harbaugh's demands and root for the Baltimore Ravens. Hell, he's been pushing it hard enough, and the Redskins are a joke, right? There's nothing wrong with jumping a bandwagon, is there?

Well, actually, there is. Here's Rick Snider of the Washington Examiner, perfectly explaining why Redskins fans shouldn't turn to the dark side.

No bandwagon jumping. No trading jerseys. No wearing purple and heading north.

No true fan abandons his or her team -- ever. Maybe an exception can be made for those who are relocating to another city and want to join the locals. But there's no coming back.

As the kids say these days, "QFT." That's "quoted for truth," to all those Internet n00bs out there. There are enough Ravens fans out there already. Harbaugh shouldn't need to poach another team's fanbase to make himself feel better.