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VIDEO: Lorenzo Alexander Wants Redskins To Trade For Matt Flynn, Draft Justin Blackmon

It's rare to see an athlete play general manager, because they don't want to rock the boat. Lorenzo Alexander, though, has earned enough credibility through his play and as a team voice to speak his mind on these kinds of things. At least I'd assume so, because he certainly laid out a specific plan for how the Washington Redskins can fix their offense and improve in the 2012 NFL Draft in an interview with NBC.

The surprising part? It doesn't involve Baylor quarterback Robert Griffin III.

"He's definitely a phenomenal athlete and quarterback. I watched his last game and he did a great job out there," Alexander told Hakeem Dermish. "My only thing is, do you leverage your future with picks? How many No. 1 picks do you have to give up -- No. 2s -- to get one guy? He's a great guy, but can you find somebody like a Matt Flynn maybe, who is a free agent, sign him and then add other pieces to your offense that you need as well."

Dermish then asked Alexander to provide specifics on what he'd do this winter.

"I might go Matt Flynn, and then maybe get a guy like [Oklahoma State wide receiver Justin] Blackmon, and then add another piece to our offensive line, to solidify that offensive threat."

The full video is here, and it also features Alexander saying the Redskins need to pay whatever London Fletcher wants to keep him. I'm guessing many Redskins fans who get freaked out at the prospect of giving up draft picks will be calling for Alexander to be named player/GM.

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