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2012 NFL Mock Draft: Justin Blackmon To Washington Redskins In Post-Season Projection

Now that we know the Washington Redskins will pick sixth, it's time for our first truly instructive 2012 NFL Mock Draft. SB Nation's Ryan Van Bibber's first mock draft of the post-NFL regular season has the Redskins staying at No. 6 and not getting quarterback Robert Griffin III. Instead, the Redskins will select Oklahoma State wide receiver Justin Blackmon, with Griffin going No. 4 to the Cleveland Browns.

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Many assume that Washington will be active in seeking a trade up to get their hands on a quarterback. It's possible, but they could pursue other routes (hello Matt Flynn). Adding a receiver of Blackmon's caliber makes life easier for whoever that quarterback is. It's clear they need more than a declining Santana Moss.

The Redskins will surely do what they can to move up for Griffin, but wide receiver is a need as well. The Redskins also need help on the offensive line, so that remains an option if they cannot get Griffin.

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