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Rocky McIntosh Missed Curfew, Tried To Fool Team About It, According To Report

Rocky McIntosh was deactivated for the Washington Redskins against the Philadelphia Eagles on Sunday, with several reports indicating he was late to meetings. At this point, all we know is that he didn't play. But if this ESPN 980 report is true, it's ... actually kind of hilarious.

Besides being late for a team meeting & being inattentive, ESPN 980 was also told by multiple sources that #Redskins LB Rocky McIntosh broke curfew Saturday night in Philly. It was pre-planned, he went so far to make his hotel bed appear as though he was in it/sleeping - by stuffing pillows, etc under the blankets. He was of course found to be guilty -- and 'deactivated' by Mike Shanahan. There was some argument by the coaching staff for this not to happen, but Shanny made final call.

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McIntosh is a free agent and had been replaced in the lineup by Perry Riley, so he probably wasn't coming back this year anyway. Might as well go out with a bang.