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Carlos Rogers Says Many Redskins Players Are Ready To Leave Team

In case you weren't aware, Carlos Rogers is not a fan of his time with the Washington Redskins. I know, it's hard to believe because he's kept it under wraps, but it's true.

Anyway, Barry Svrluga of the Washington Post was dispatched to San Francisco to write the 5,000th story about Rogers' career revival with San Francisco, and actually ended up getting a pretty unique quote from Rogers on the situation (emphasis mine).

"People say I wasn’t happy," he said. "It’s just because I spoke out. But it was the truth. It was the truth. And I’m gone. So what is it now? It’s still stuff going on. I know the guys on the team, so many guys is ready to leave. So many guys."

Let's think about this for a second. Rogers was a member of the Redskins' secondary. Currently, there are three members of that secondary who were here while Rogers was unhappy. One is Reed Doughty, and him wanting out isn't exactly breaking news. The other two? DeAngelo Hall, who is a talker, and LaRon Landry, who is a restricted free agent.


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