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2012 NFL Mock Draft: Redskins Select Help At Cornerback

The Washington Redskins have the sixth overall pick in the draft, and if they can't get a quarterback they want, they may have to upgrade their defense. Eliot Harrison of has a new mock draft out, and with the top two quarterbacks off the board, they have the Redskins taking cornerback Dre Kirkpatrick from Alabama.

Ask yourself this question: What team doesn't need a quality corner? If the Redskins can't get the quarterback they want, then the focus is on stopping other teams' offenses. With Roy Helu and even Evan Royster showing flashes, one can argue there is no need for Trent Richardson here.

Kirkpatrick was just arrested for drug related charges so his draft stock may have taken a little bit of a hit. But he is still an elite cornerback with a lot of talent, so it is not inconceivable that he could still go this high. Having said that, anyone other than a quarterback will be a second choice for Redskins fans.

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