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VIDEO: Comcast Xfinity Commercials Interrupt Giants Vs. 49ers Game (UPDATED)

Like everyone else in the country, viewers in Washington D.C. were treated to a thrilling NFC Championship Game between the New York Giants and San Francisco 49ers. Unlike everyone else in the country, though, that pleasant viewing experience was interrupted four times for pre-planned Comcast Xfinity commercials.

Most notably, that happened in overtime, causing everyone watching the game in the D.C. market to miss a Giants punt.

It's still not clear whether Comcast or FOX is to blame for the snafu.

It is clear that many, many people were upset about the mistake. Here's a sampling of Twitter as the interruptions were happening.

That's just a sampling of tweets. I too am looking forward to my four free On Demand movies.

UPDATE: Comcast just issued the following statement, via John Ourand of Sports Business Journal.

"We know some DC-area viewers missed portions of last night’s NFC Championship game due to additional ads inserted locally, and we sympathize with their frustrations.

Please know that WTTG, the local FOX affiliate in DC, is continuing to investigate the issue, but believes it was due to an equipment failure at the station.

We know they are working to ensure it cannot happen again."

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