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Peyton Manning's Age 'Not An Issue' For Washington Redskins If Healthy, Kyle Shanahan Says

Amid rumors in recent weeks about the Washington Redskins' interest in potential free agent quarterback Peyton Manning, offensive coordinator Kyle Shanahan was given a chance to speak on the subject Friday when he joined Kevin Sheehan and Thom Loverro on ESPN980's 'The Sports Fix'.

"Everybody knows Peyton Manning is, if not the best quarterback to ever play the game, he's tied for it," Shanahan said of Manning, who is expected to be released by the Colts before he is to cash in on a $28 million dollar option in March.

Many are concerned that Manning's age (will be 36 in March) combined with his recovering neck injury may be a cause for concern for a quarterback-needy team like the Redskins to try to sign him should he become available.

But Shanahan was quick to note that health, not age, would be his only concern should the Redskins attempt to acquire the four-time NFL MVP.

"I know he's up there in age, but if he's healthy, age is not an issue," said Shanahan. "That guy takes care of his body..his arm's not leaving. He can take the hits. You just hope his neck's alright, and he'll be Peyton Manning."

With quarterback being such a glaring need for the Redskins, it seems logical that should Manning become available, that the team would at the very least entertain that option, if granted a clean bill of health.

"If he can recover," Shanahan continued, "and the doctors say he's healthy, and he says he's healthy, then that's enough for me."

The full audio of Shanahan's interview can be found here.

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