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PHOTO: Washington Redskins' New Vapor Jet Gloves By Nike

This is a week old, but it's news to me, and it's pretty cool. Nike, the new apparel provider of the NFL, produced these series of team-specific "vapor jet" gloves that players showed off during the Pro Bowl. Here's the information from Sole Collector:

One of the popular items from their yearly NCAA Pro Combat system of dress, the Vapor Jet Receiver Gloves come together to form a high-contrast team logo at the palms. Tech features include Magnigrip CL technology for lightweight, tacky grip with enhanced flexibility and adjustable wrist strap for secure, customized fit.

All 32 teams have their own special design. Here's the Redskins' version, which London Fletcher sported in Hawaii on Sunday.


Now, I'm no expert on the actual material of the gloves. All I really care about from that standpoint is if it helps the players catch more passes. But I will say this: that design is pretty sleek. Not that it counts for anything more than style points, but well done, Nike.

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