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2012 NFL Mock Draft: Where Do Redskins Turn If Robert Griffin III Is Unavailable?

The guys over at SB Nation just came out with their latest edition of the 2012 NFL Mock Draft, and for those Redskins fans who desperately want to see Robert Griffin III in Washington next year, there's bad news. He isn't available when the Redskins pick at No. 6. So instead of reaching on a QB, they have the Redskins taking Notre Dame wide receiver Michael Floyd.

It's becoming popular in mock drafts to put Texas A&M quarterback Ryan Tannehill here. But unless they're able to get RG3 somehow, I see Washington trying to nab a non-Draft QB solution-- Matt Flynn perhaps? -- and give that person some talent to work with at wide receiver, an area the Skins desperately need help. Floyd fits the bill.

Coming into the Mock Draft season, Tannehill was probably the fifth best available quarterback. But after Landry Jones and Matt Barkley elected to return to College, Tannehill automatically became the third best available. But he doesn't feel like a top ten pick, and the Redskins would certainly be reaching if they took him at No. 6. That's how you get hurt in the draft. If Tannehill is their best QB option, then it would make sense for them to try and plug a different need with their first round pick, and Floyd is an intriguing talent.

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