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Robert Griffin III practices Thursday, will be evaulated Friday

Redskins' quarterback Robert Griffin III practiced Thursday, and will be evaluated again on Friday. He's not yet cleared to play on Sunday.

Brad Mills-US PRESSWIRE - Presswire

Redskins' quarterback Robert Griffin III made it through practice Thursday without any complications, although his status for Sunday's game is still uncertain. He will be evaluated by team doctors on Friday before being cleared to practice.

The rookie quarterback suffered a concussion during the Week 6 game against the Atlanta Falcons, and was limited in practice on Wednesday. He managed to take 75-80% of Thursday's snaps, according to The Washington Post.

Offensive coordinator Kyle Shanahan expects that Griffin will be available to play on Sunday, and doesn't believe that he'll have to adjust his play calling because of the injury (via The Washington Post):

"He’s been great in practice this week. Sounds like he’s going to be alright."

"If I went into a game thinking I had to call it a different way because he might get hurt, then he doesn’t need to be playing."

Cornerback Cedric Griffin was also limited in practice on Thursday. Griffin has been out of action since suffering a hamstrng injury in Week 3 against the Bengals, and he was a limited participant on Wednesday as well.

Defensive end Doug Worthington missed Thursday's practice with a calf injury. Worthington did not practice on Wednesday afternoon either.