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NFL Power Rankings: Redskins on the rise in polls

Following an impressive win on Sunday, the Washington Redskins have risen in the majority of power ranking polls.

Joe Robbins - Getty Images

The Washington Redskins have risen in the majority of power polls following an impressive performance against the Minnesota Vikings on Sunday.

In SB Nation's power rankings curated by editor Joel Thorman, the Redskins moved up five spots from last week to the No. 13 position. Thorman touched on the explosiveness of the team and its playoff potential:

If the Redskins win nine games and make it into the playoffs I do not want to be the team that faces them in the Wild Card game. RGIII can take over games.

In Fox Sports' power poll compiled by Brian Billick, Washington is ranked ten spots higher than last week at No. 11. Billick also praised the impressive play of Robert Griffin III but expressed some doubt in the team's long-term future. Touching on Griffin's durability and the injuries on the defense, Billick is not yet convinced that the Redskins will matchup well against it's NFC East rivals. ranked the Redskins at No. 15, which is six spots up from last week.