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Pierre Garcon injury: Wide receiver not considering surgery yet

Pierre Garcon does not want to undergo surgery to repair his injured right foot.


Washington Redskins wide receiver Pierre Garcon stated on Thursday that he has not yet considered undergoing surgery to fix the lingering foot injury that has kept him out of four games this season.

On Wednesday, he visited specialist Dr. Robert A. Anderson in Charlotte, N.C., and was diagnosed with a plantar plate tear in the bottom of his right foot, under his second toe. In essence, the injury is similar to turf toe and can be classified as a sprained foot, which is what the Redskins have done to this point.

Garcon originally sustained the injury during the season opener against the New Orleans Saints while completing an 88-yard touchdown. However, the 26-year-old admitted that he felt discomfort in his foot prior to the season (as early as the preseason), but opted to play through the pain.

Ultimately, Garcon hopes to return to action this season in order to help the team. However, he realizes that if the injury doesn't start to get better, he will have to undergo surgery. This would likely mean the end of his season, via the Washington Times:

"If surgery is [the] option, I'm probably done for the year. We really don't want to think about that at all."