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NFL Power Rankings 2012: Injuries and drops cause fall for Redskins

Robert Griffin III completed just 16-of-34 passes against the Steelers for 177 yards and a touchdown, as the Redskins receivers struggled with drops.

Justin K. Aller

As the injuries continue to stack up for the Redskins, they have lost back-to-back games and struggled in the pass game. Robert Griffin III completed less than 50 percent of his passes for the first time this season as the Redskins receiving corps combined for 10 drops against the Steelers.

RGIII can't do everything for the Redskins, or so says Ryan Van Bibber, as he dropped the Redskins one spot in his latest power rankings for SB Nation:

15. Washington Redskins (LW: 14, 3-5): RGIII can do almost everything, except play receiver and heal Pierre Garcon's foot.

Van Bibber is one of the few that has the Redskins still in the upper half of the NFL, though, as Pete Prisco of CBS Sports has them all the way down at No. 22 in his latest power rankings:

22. All those injuries are catching up with this team and Robert Griffin III can't do enough to overcome them.

The defense isn't immune to criticism either, as they have allowed at least 22 points and 355 total yards of offense in every game this season. ESPN noted in their latest power rankings that while the Steelers found some success defensively, the Redskins didn't:

19. The Steelers were the first to have an answer for RG3. The Skins' defense has an answer for no one. (Graziano)

In Brian Billick's power rankings for FOX, he also noted the struggles of Griffin III, but mentioned the struggles of the receivers, in particular:

Robert Griffin came into the game leading the NFL in passing accuracy with the only completion percentage above 70. But Sunday at Pittsburgh he completed less than 50% of his passes. However, 10 of his 18 incompletions were drops.

The Redskins will have the chance to bounce back from the consecutive losses when they host the 1-6 Carolina Panthers in Week 9 before entering the bye week.