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Robert Griffin III heads to locker room with rib injury

Robert Griffin III leaves the game due to a big hit.

Patrick Smith - Getty Images

Robert Griffin III, struggling against an Atlanta Falcons' defense who seems to have his number on Sunday, returned to the locker room in the third quarter following this hit from linebacker Sean Weatherspoon:


The hit was clean, and no flags were thrown -- it was just unfortunate. As Griffin attempted to slide out of bounds, he was met perfectly with Weatherspoon's shoulder and was sandwiched between two defenders. Initially RGIII tried to stand up but was very unsteady on his feet. He needed to be helped to the sideline, where he was looked at for some time by trainers.

Washington is left with just one quarterback, fourth-round pick Kirk Cousins, who entered the game. Veteran Rex Grossman is inactive but can enter the game if need be as the emergency QB should Cousins suffer injury.

Griffin III left the field for the locker room, presumably for X-rays and further observation. He appeared to have a bandage on his mouth.

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