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Redskins injury report: Robert Griffin III concussed, should be okay

Robert Griffin III's mild concussion likely won't keep him out next Sunday against the Minnesota Vikings as he tweeted Sunday night.

Patrick Smith - Getty Images

Robert Griffin III had to leave Sunday's game with a mild concussion, but the Washington Redskins rookie star tweeted after the game that his injury wouldn't keep him from playing next week against the Minnesota Vikings.

Griffin was knocked out on a hit from the Atlanta Falcons' Sean Weatherspoon while scrambling and had to leave the game. According to Redskins coach Mike Shanahan, Griffin couldn't recall the score or quarter and was diagnosed with a concussion. After testing from an independent neurologist, he said that he "thinks" he'll be able to play next week. The NFL has strict regulations in place to ensure players don't come back too soon from concussions, but it seems Griffin should be alright.

Griffin's return is obviously critical for the Redskins, as he's been responsible for a large portion of the team's offensive putout through five games and his backup, Kirk Cousins of Michigan State, tossed a pair of picks on only nine attempts.

As for players hurt earlier in the year, Brandon Banks, Aldrick Robinson and Evan Royster were all active and were able to participate against the Falcons. Brandon Meriweather still hasn't played for Washington after re-injuring his knee in pregame warmups last Sunday. His status going forwards is unknown.