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Eagles vs. Redskins: Pierre Garcon limited in practice, Jammal Brown suffers setback

Thursday's practice session is over, and Jamaal Brown was unable to go. Pierre Garcon was limited, and he's not 100%.


Pierre Garcon is still dealing with a toe injury, and he was limited because of the injury during Thursday's practice session. Head coach Mike Shanahan told reporters that Garcon had made progress since Wednesday, and offensive coordinator Kyle Shanahan had the following to say about the injury (via The Washington Examiner):

"He doesn’t have to be 100 percent to play. He came in and still did some things in those games that he played that did help. We definitely wanted to get him to 100 percent. Now we’re not sure he’ll ever get there and we’d rather have him out there than not have him at all. He can help regardless of what he is."

Safety Brandon Meriweather was also limited, but Mike Shanahan expects him to be ready to go on Sunday.

The news on tackle Jamaal Brown was not as good, as Brown missed Thursday's session with a sore hip. Shanahan (Mike) had the following to say about Brown missing practice:

"Obviously it’s a setback because he couldn’t practice," Shanahan said. "It was quite sore this morning. We didn’t know it would be that way. We’ll find out shortly how big a setback it is."

Brown has not yet met with a doctor about the setback, and could be looking at an MRI on Friday if the pain has not subsided.

Wide receiver Santana Moss (head injury), punter Sav Rocca (right knee), and cornerback Josh WIlson (shoulder) were all able to complete practice without limitation for the second consecutive day. Nick Sundberg (forearm), DeAngelo Hall (groin), and Trent Williams (ankle) were also full participants in practice.