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DeAngelo Hall fined by NFL for two plays vs. Cowboys

DeAngelo Hall's season got more expensive Thursday after the NFL fined him for two violations that took place during the Redskins' Thanksgiving day win over the Cowboys.

Matthew Emmons-US PRESSWIRE

Washington Redskins cornerback DeAngelo Hall was fined by the NFL for a couple of unspecified plays that occurred during the Redskins' 38-31 Thanksgiving day victory over the Dallas Cowboys, according to Jay Glazer from (via ProFootballTalk) on Thursday.

The fines levied against Hall will cost him a total of $35,750 according to the report, though the nine-year veteran was not called for any penalties during the contest.

These most recent fines run Hall's grand total of dues paid to the league for violations this season to $65,750. Earlier this season, Hall was fined $30,000 for screaming at an official on the field during the Redskins' 27-12 loss to the Pittsburgh Steelers on Oct. 28.

Against the Cowboys, Hall recorded three total tackles, two passes defensed and one interception, which he nabbed late in the second quarter off quarterback Tony Romo and returned 27 yards.

For the season, Hall has 68 total tackles, one sack and four interceptions.