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Panthers vs. Redskins: NFL acknowledges mistake on DeAngelo Williams touchdown run

The Carolina Panthers were incorrectly awarded a touchdown in Week 9's matchup against the Washington Redskins.

Patrick McDermott

The NFL acknowledged through a written statement on Monday that the officiating crew calling the Week 9 meeting between the Washington Redskins and Carolina Panthers incorrectly awarded the Panthers a touchdown after one of the officials blew an inadvertent whistle.

With Carolina running back DeAngelo Williams rushing up the sideline in the first quarter, line judge Thomas Symonette blew his whistle and signaled for the clock to be stopped because he believed Williams stepped out of bounds. Williams kept running to the endzone while several other players on the field appeared to pull up, believing the play to be dead.

After a short meeting with the officiating crew, it was announced that the ruling on the field was a touchdown.

The NFL stated that instead of awarding the Panthers a touchdown, they should have allowed the Panthers to replay the down from the 30-yard-line or allowed them to play the ball from the spot where the whistle was blown.

Referee Carl Cheffers stated after the game that the officials decided Williams was in the endzone when the inadvertent whistle was blown.