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NFL Power Rankings: Redskins sliding, around No. 20 in most rankings

The Washington Redskins are on a three-game slide, causing many to put them near, but not in, the bottom 10 of their NFL power rankings.

Rob Carr

The Washington Redskins have lost three straight, and find themselves tumbling down most NFL power rankings, approaching the bottom 10 teams in the league.

It was understandable to see the Redskins lose games to elite teams like the New York Giants with a rookie quarterback in a season nobody expected them to contend for a playoff spot. But this past week, the team hit a season-low by losing to the Carolina Panthers, a team that had only won a single game coming in to the weekend. That caused Joel Thorman of SB Nation to drop Washington from No. 15 to No. 19 in his latest NFL power rankings:

19. Washington Redskins (LW: 15, 3-6): Usually not a good sign to see headlines like this one: "Year 3: Redskins are getting worse, not better"

Other results were relatively similar: ESPN also put the Redskins at No. 19, while Brian Billick put the 'Skins at No. 20 in his rankings at FOX. had a much less optimistic point of view, putting the team at No. 25.

The Redskins are on bye next week heading into a matchup with another team that's sliding.