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Redskins vs. Browns: London Fletcher says stadium security escalated confrontation with family

London Fletcher provides his understanding of the altercation between members of his family, Cleveland Browns fans and Cleveland Browns Stadium security staff.


Washington Redskins linebacker London Fletcher stated on Monday afternoon that Cleveland Browns Stadium security staff escalated the incident between members of his family and Browns fans on Sunday afternoon.

According to Fletcher (a Cleveland native), he was hosting 48 guests at the game, which included members of his family. Fans began harassing the party from the upper level of the stadium, which eventually escalated into an altercation. However, the situation rose to a boiling point when security staff questioned how the group had acquired such good seats.

The altercation resulted in the reported arrest of three of Fletcher's family members, an assault on his 13-year-old cousin and the hospitalization of his 57-year-old aunt for neck injuries.

According to Fletcher, his arrested family members have yet to be charged with a crime, but remain in custody. Previous reports have stated that the arrested individuals include two of Fletcher's cousins, Hasaan and Douglas Robinson, as well as his 18-year-old nephew who remains unidentified.

WEWS-TV in Cleveland produced this report on the altercation Sunday night.