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NFL power rankings: Redskins impress as they rise up

The Washington Redskins are impressing NFL analysts around the web as they rise up various power rankings across the web.

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The Washington Redskins won their fifth-straight game on Sunday when they defeated the Cleveland Browns and are in the process of eliminating any doubters they have remaining. As a result of their impressive victory over the Browns without star quarterback RG3, the Redskins are on the rise in every NFL power rankings around the web.

In Joel Thorman's rankings at SB Nation, Washington comes in at No. 8. That is the same position the Redskins have in most other power rankings as well. Washington is ranked eighth by ESPN, Fox Sports, and Only CBS Sports had the Redskins at a different spot, and they had Washington at No. 9. ESPN, CBS, and Fox all lauded the play of Kirk Cousins who stepped right in and led the Redskins to victory in his first-ever NFL start.

This is the first week of the season that Washington has been in the top 10 at every site.