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Redskins vs. Cowboys: 'It doesn't get any bigger than this'

The Washington Redskins are one win away from their first division title since 1999.

Jonathan Daniel

Washington Redskins cornerback DeAngelo Hall stated that Sunday's Week 17 match-up against the Dallas Cowboys (8-7) is the biggest game of the season.

With the Redskins (9-6) on the verge of clinching their first NFC East title since 1999, Sunday night's nationally televised game will act as a one-game playoff for the division title.

In a report by Brian Tinsman on the Redskins' official website, Hall cited the history of the rivalry between the two teams and stated that Sunday's game is good for football:

"It doesn't get any bigger than this. This rivalry dates back a long time. I remember being a kid and watching these guys go at it-Darrell Green and Michel Irving and Troy Aikman and all these other guys. It's good for football; it's obviously good for us.

Entering Sunday night's game, Washington possesses a 4-1 record against division opponents, which includes a Week 12 victory against the Cowboys in Dallas. Currently in the midst of a six-game winning streak, the team will make their first trip to the postseason since 2007 if they can extend the streak to seven games.

If they are unable to defeat Dallas, the Redskins can still earn a Wild Card playoff spot if the Chicago Bears and Minnesota Vikings both lose in Week 17.