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Cowboys vs. Redskins score update: Both teams scoreless despite Romo's two picks

The Washington Redskins intercepted Tony Romo twice, but Kai Forbath's missed field goal ensured the Redskins and Dallas Cowboys would end the first quarter of their pivotal Week 17 game scoreless.

Patrick McDermott

The Dallas Cowboys were off-kilter offensively, but the Washington Redskins couldn't capitalize in a first quarter that ended scoreless.

Tony Romo was 1-for-5 with two interceptions, while DeMarco Murray only mustered 18 yards on the ground, but the Redskins weren't exactly in great position: Both of Romo's picks happened in Washington territory, and Richard Crawford and Josh Wilson couldn't turn them into big returns, meaning they started both drives around where they would have been had the Cowboys punted the ball.

And once Washington had the ball, they weren't able to make anything out of it. Robert Griffin III was only 4-of-9 passing for 35 yards. Alfred Morris was successful after busting out back-to-back runs for 19 and 10 yards, respectively, but that drive eventually ended in no points when Kai Forbath's 37-yard field goal attempt doinked off the right upright and fell harmlessly to the ground.

The Cowboys were driving with the ball at the end of the first quarter.