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AUDIO: Rocky McIntosh's Awkward Moments Discussing Miami Football

Washington Redskins linebacker Rocky McIntosh went on "The Sports Junkies" on 106.7 The Fan on Wednesday morning, and there were several funny moments. For one, he admitted that he was 20 minutes late to the Redskins' team meeting in Week 17 and was "out partying" for New Year's the night before. He was deactivated for that game, and now we know why.

But by far the most hilarious moment happened at the six-minute mark, when he was asked about National Signing Day and whether there were "hostesses" that helped swing him to Miami. He laughed, then said this.

"Man, it was crazy. I did well. Once you get on those recruiting trips, you get to see what they have to offer girl-wise. All my trips, I took them out."

He was then asked specifically if he was taken to a strip club at Miami at the eight-minute mark. McIntosh was about to answer, but then a woman's voice yelled, "What the [hell]" in the background. Yup, it was his wife.

McIntosh tried to play it off as if this was the first day of school and that was what she was talking about, but then admitted she was probably upset about what he said on the air. So, yeah. It looks like he got his hand stuck in the cookie jar.

(via CSN Washington).