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LaRon Landry On Why He Has Put Off Achilles Surgery

LaRon Landry missed a good amount of time in 2011 because of an Achilles injury, but he still hasn't gotten surgery which could expedite the healing process. A lot of fans are questioning why he wouldn't want to go under the knife. Landry explains his intentions in an article by Grant Paulsen on CBS.

"It’s brutal," Landry said. "It’s like a roller coaster. A major surgery is quite hard. You’re changing the structure of your body and trying to correct it. Recovery time is crucial, rehab is crucial and you sometimes lose range-of-motion and lose strength. The strength will eventually come, but as far as range of motion — you might not get the same thing that you had before. I don’t want that."

That's all well and good, but Landry has been struggling with this injury for a while now, and range of motion isn't as important if you can't get on the field. But I'm sure Landry is getting good advice from some medical professionals, so this is likely a calculated decision.

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