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2012 NFL Free Agency: Randy Moss A Favorite To Sign With Redskins According To Oddsmakers

According to CSNWashington Redskins insider Ryan O'Halloran, odds makers from the sports betting website Bovada have pegged the Redskins as a favorite to sign WR Randy Moss when free agency begins.

Odds on who will sign Moss, who announced this week he is coming out of retirement:

Patriots 5-2, Bears 7-2, Redskins 5-1,49ers 5-1, Jets 11-2, Rams 7-1, Cowboys 10-1 and Eagles 10-1.

While the Redskins could use a deep threat like Moss, the consensus from most analysts is that Moss is past his prime and wouldn't be worth bringing in with his history of locker room problems and lack of route running. The Redskins would be better served signing a younger wide receiver like Dwayne Bowe, or looking for a receiver in the draft.

The New England Patriots strike me as an odd choice as they released Moss himself after he became a distraction early during the 2010 season. Would the Patriots want to go in again on a player that has the potential to drive a locker room into disarray.

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