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Super Bowl 2012 Commercials: Volkswagen Shoehorns In Another Darth Vader Appearance

Super Bowl XLVI is just a few days away and already advertisers have begun releasing their new Super Bowl commercials online. The new commercial for the Volkswagen Beetle popped up online in the last couple of days and the official VW YouTube version already has over a million views.

Volkswagen had a smash hit during last year's Super Bowl when they debuted a Passat commercial featuring the "Star Wars Kid," who tries to use his or her Force powers...with adorable results. Recently, VW put out a commercial to "tease" their Super Bowl commercial, which features a chorus of dogs barking the Imperial March, and a whippet dressed as an AT-AT Walker.

But here's what it led up to: their 2012 Super Bowl commercial for the Volkswagen Beetle, entitled "The Dog Strikes Back."

It's two commercials in one! For some reason! Just when you thought you were watching an innocent commercial about a depressed, morbidly-obese dog, BAM: Mos Eisley cantina.

Fat dogs! Aliens! Meta-textual self-referential critique! Darth Vader! Assault! This commercial has it all. Advertising geniuses at VW, you have done it again. What a weird, weird commercial.

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