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2012 NFL Combine: Schedule Of Arrivals And Events

The NFL Combine starts tomorrow in Indianapolis with just a few positions scheduled to arrive at the Combine. The event is staggered over almost a week with each group of participants scheduled to take part for four days. Here is how the schedule of events will break down.

On Wednesday the kickers, punters and offensive lineman will arrive along with the tight ends. The Quarterbacks, running backs and wide receivers will arrive on Thursday. The defensive lineman and linebackers will arrive on Friday. And the defensive backs will arrive on Saturday. Once the players arrive, they will follow this schedule of events, meaning that the first players to arrive will leave Indy on Saturday and the defensive backs arriving on Saturday will be finished on Tuesday.

Day 1
Arrive in Indianapolis, Register, Exams and X-rays, Orientation Interviews

Day 2
Measurements, Medical Examinations, Media Session, Psychological Testing, Interviews

Day 3
NFLPA Meeting, Psychological Testing, PK/ST Workout, Interviews Saturday,

Day 4
Workout (timing, stations, skill drills), Departure from Indianapolis

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