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Super Bowl 2012: Devin Thomas Fulfills Super Bowl Promise To Dad

Former Washington Redskins receiver Devin Thomas will lace up in blue on Sunday when he stands on the sidelines for the New York Giants in the Super Bowl.

For Thomas, it's a chance to fulfill a promise he made to his Dad during Super Bowl XLIII between the Pittsburgh Steelers and Arizona Cardinals.

Thomas, then a Michigan State wide receiver, attended the game with his father and watched the Steelers win the game. As time expired, he made a deal with his Dad.

"Pops, we can't come back to no more Super Bowls unless I'm playing in it. It's too hard to sit here and watch it."

Said Dwight Thomas: "I thought it might have been something that would pass over, but then after that he didn't utilize his Super Bowl tickets that he'd get. This is the first time we returned to the Super Bowl."

Dwight Thomas will be in the stands for Super Bowl XLVI on Sunday cheering on his son, just like he promised.

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