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NFL Mock Draft 2012: Can Redskins Deliver Justin Blackmon To Play With Peyton Manning?

So we're going to go ahead and run with this Peyton Manning rumor then? We all decided that I guess? Because SB nation just came out with the latest edition of the of their 2012 NFL Mock Draft, and it has them abandoning the quest to bring in a quarterback in the first round. The Redskins, as you may have heard, they've made other plans at that position.

Washington has had three winning seasons since 1999. Three. Their last one was a 9-7 effort in 2007. They'll try to sign Peyton Manning as long as his head is still attached in March. And what better way to welcome Manning than with the top receiver in the draft.

If this really is their plan, to bring in Peyton Manning and maybe a quarterback in the second or third round to learn under him, than having Blackmon in the fold might be the best play. Manning has made stars out of Brandon Stokley and Austin Collie, can you imagine what he'd do with Blackmon?

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