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NFL Combine 2012: Local College Stars Invited To Indianapolis

Now that the Super Bowl is over the next big date on the NFL Calendar is the Draft in April. To get ready for that event, the NFL brings their top prospects to Indianapolis to compete in the NFL Combine, which allows scouts and player personal to get a better look at the guys they might take in the Draft. The NFL came out with the list of all the prospects who have been invited to participate in the event on Tuesday morning, and you can find all the names in this article on SB Nation.

Just one player was invited to participate from the University of Maryland, and that was running back Davin Meggett. Virginia Tech boasts four invited including running back David Wilson. Cameron Johnson and Chase Minnifield were the only two Virginia Cavaliers invited. There were no players invited from the Naval Academy.

The Combine isn't everybody's cup of tea. It is a lot of monotony and very little actual football plays, but if you are a draft-head and you want to get a better idea for the type of talent that will be available to your team, this is how.

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