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Redskins Offseason: Fred Davis Will Receive Franchise Tag, According To Report

Now that the Super Bowl is over, the 31 teams that didn't earn hardware this year will start focusing their attention on what they can do to improve their chances next year. The Redskins have a lot of work to do, and that includes some important decisions on impending free agents. According to Rich Tandler of NBC Sports, the Redskins plan to put the Franchise tag on Fred Davis, ensuring that he will be with the team for at least one more year. This raises an important question, what does that mean for LaRon Landry?

Should the Redskins use the franchise tag on Davis, they could not use it on LaRon Landry. The safety, once considered one of the franchise cornerstones, will also be a free agent but his future is clouded by injury. He has decided to put off a decision to have surgery to repair an Achilles injury that has cost him 15 games over the past two seasons.

If the Redskins don't Franchise Landry, it is hard to see a scenario in which they would bring him back on a long term deal, especially considering those injury concerns Tandler mentioned.

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