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Redskins Free Agency 2012: Status Of Redskins Salary Cap Penalty Remains Unclear

NFL Free Agency is finally starting on Tuesday, and it's scheduled to start at 4 pm. But the Redskins are in a very difficult situation as they have just been assessed a cap penalty by the NFL that could cost them $36 million this year, or maybe next year, or maybe in both years. Unfortunately there are conflicting reports about how it will affect them totally, and no one really seems to know.

Now if you go to Pro Football Talk's twitter, you will find tweets that say that the Redskins can choose how much to allocate in each year and also a report that says they have to choose to take the whole lump in one of the two years. The again, there is this report from CSN Washington that says the Redskins have already been penalized half of the total sum for this season.

Schefter also said that the league has already reduced the Redskins' salary cap number on the website dedicated to such things by $18 million overnight. That would represent half of the cap penalty imposed.

It seems at this point that the only thing we know for sure is that we don't know exactly what the deal is for sure. In that very same article Adam Schefter is quoted as saying this is a battle that is just beginning. Expect lawyers to get involved and for the whole thing to get a lot worse before it gets better. The Redskins have already said that they plan on entering free agent with the same intentions that they were before these penalties were announced yesterday. Stay tuned. . .

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