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NFL Free Agency: Contract Details Emerge For Adam Carriker, Pierre Garcon, And Josh Morgan

So, now that we've had to hold up the welcome party for Eddie Royal just a little bit, it appears that the Redskins made three major signings on the first day of free agency. Wide receivers Pierre Garcon and Josh Morgan will be new faces at Redskins Park when the 'Skins report for mini-camp, while Adam Carriker will be making a triumphant return to Ashburn after re-signing with the team.

Some details have come out about each of these contracts that we feel are worth passing on, especially in light of the recent cap penalty handed down by the NFL.

First, Carriker's deal, per Jason LaCanfora of NFL Network.

And here's Garcon's contract details from Rich Campbell of the Washington Times.

And here's Morgan's per LaCanfora again.

So there you are. If you were wondering how the Redskins could manage to splash the cash around this time of all times, look no further than the Carriker and Morgan deals, which have minimal impact on the team's cap number this year. Chalk another one up for the cap management office.

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