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Redskins Could Have Had Pierre Garcon and Joshua Morgan In 2008 NFL Draft

We should all know by now that with the Redskins, the past is never truly dead; it's not even past. (We think Clinton Portis said that.)

Pierre Garcon and Joshua Morgan (see what we did there, Grandma?) put pen to paper on their new free agent contracts out at Redskins Park today, around the same time this tweet from Homer McFanboy crossed our radar.

And the Mighty Wikipedia told us that it was so. The Redskins (who had forfeited their first-round pick to Atlanta in the DeAngelo Hall trade) selected Thomas with the 34th overall pick. Kelly was selected 17 picks later (and three picks after Fred Davis) at 51st overall. Garcon was picked with the 205th overall pick (for comparison purposes, Colt Brennan was selected 186th overall), while Morgan went 174th.

Now we realize that we could play this game with a lot of teams. But that doesn't make it any less fun to play. And it's not like things ended badly for Thomas, either.

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