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Former Redskins Running Back Tim Hightower Rescued From Arizona Mountain

It wouldn't be the Redskins if something bizarre didn't happen during free agency. In this case, the bizarre thing was also a very scary thing.

From My Fox Phoenix:

A couple who went for an evening hike on Camelback Mountain Thursday ended up needing some help, and the man who needed help is reportedly a former Cardinals player.

Witnesses called the FOX 10 newsroom to report that the man needing aid was Tim Hightower ...

[Hightower and wife Krista] ended up hiking off-trail and getting lost, and then it became too dark for them to make it down.

The pair wasn't hurt, but the challenge for crews was climbing up there in the dark and bringing them down safely.

The unnecessarily jocular writing style and over-reliance on eyewitnesses might leave some room for doubt here. However, Chris Russell of ESPN 980 and Lindsay Murphy of Fox5 here in D.C. confirmed that Hightower was, in fact, the person rescued.

The 25-year-old Hightower carried the ball 84 times for the Redskins in 2011, gaining 399 all-purpose yards and scoring two touchdowns before suffering a season-ending ACL injury October 23 against Carolina. Hightower is currently a free agent and is still recovering from surgery, but at this point that's probably not a growing concern. We're glad Tim and Krista are OK.