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Washington Redskins Could Sue NFL Over Salary Cap Ruling

The Washington Redskins and Dallas Cowboys were both docked chunks of their salary cap space by the NFL for "cheating the system" during the NFL's uncapped season in 2010 by salary dumping contracts in the uncapped year. It's looking more and more likely however that the Redskins and Cowboys, who both possess some of the most powerful owners in the NFL, will not take the punishment laying down. According to a report by Mike Florio of Pro Football Talk, the two teams may potentially go "nuclear" over the issue.

A source with knowledge of the situation tells PFT that the Redskins and Cowboys could be going "nuclear" with the NFL as soon as Monday.

More specifically, the two teams are contemplating suing anyone and everyone connected to the sudden removal of $46 million in total cap space over the next two years, based on the contention that their treatment of the term "uncapped year" too literally somehow created a competitive disadvantage. Even though no rules or policies were violated.

Part of the problem with the two teams being punished, is they did not actually break a rule. The only rule that was broken was a sort of "back room" agreement between the 32 NFL clubs which is technically collusion. Not only was there not an official rule being broken, but plenty of other teams committed the same offense without punishment.

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