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NFL Free Agency: Rex Grossman Confirms Return To Redskins

The Redskins have not officially announced the signing of quarterback Rex Grossman to a one-year deal, but the quarterback himself confirmed that he would be back with the team in 2012.

Speaking to Mike Jones of The Washington Post, Grossman disclosed that he had another team interested in him (ah, the effect of expansion on the NFL's quarterback market), but declined to say which. As in most Grossman interviews, the quarterback comes off as both level-headed and pie-in-the-sky. A good example of the former is here, when Grossman discusses the franchise's future plans.

"[The Redskins are] definitely taking a quarterback with the second pick of the draft," Grossman said. "It’ll probably be RGIII, unless for some unexpected reason the Colts take him. But whether it’s RGIII or Luck, either way, I know that quarterback is going to be the franchise quarterback at some point. Like I said, I just want to be a part of this team. Whether it’s helping that guy get ready to play, or whether it’s playing until he is ready to take over, I just want to help out in whatever way it is."

And an example of the latter is here, when Grossman discusses on improving from his 20 interceptions and five fumbles lost in 2011.

"I need to and can get better with consistency," Grossman said. "I can go out and play lights-out one week, and the next week, not do so well. The number-one thing is turnovers. I’ve got to do better with decision-making, and things like that, and I think I can."

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