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Andre Carter Denies Bounty System Was In Place While Gregg Williams Was With Redskins

The NFL's investigation into the Gregg Williams bounty scandal is still ongoing, and probably will be for a very long time. But former players are beginning to speak out, and that includes Andre Carter, who played under Williams while with the Redskins. Homer McFanboy caught up with Carter who says very plainly that there was no bounty system in place while he was with the Redskins.

"When I was with the Washington Redskins there was no bounty system. Period," Carter said.

Carter also expanded a little bit more on his relationship with Williams, and how he dealt with his players.

"He knows his players and he knows how to use them," Carter said. "For a veteran player like myself, he didn’t really need to talk to me that much in terms of what needs to be done. Because I know what I need to do once we step out onto that field. But as far as a younger guy or a rookie, he would definitely talk to them more because he wanted to guide them in the right direction to help them become a better player. Did he ever get in someone’s face or yell at them? Yeah, because he expects a lot from his players whether they’re young or old. But like I said, he takes pride in what he does and loves the game."

So either Carter is flat out lying, there was a bounty system in place that one of the team leaders on defense was unaware of, or there was no bounty in place at all. Whatever the case, these are pretty strong words from Carter, and it will be interesting to see what the investigation turns up.

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