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Rex Grossman Says Mike Shanahan Discussed Mentoring A Rookie Quarterback With Him

Rex Grossman signed a one-year deal to come back to the Washington Redskins, a move that caused all sorts of OUTRAEG!!! among Redskins fans when it broke over the weekend.

One of the defenders of the deal was Washington Post columnist and 106.7 The Fan midday host Mike Wise, who was talking up Grossman's potential role as a backup to (likely) Robert Griffin III under pressure from co-host Holden Kushner when the very subject of their discussion called in.

We only were able to catch the back half of this interview, but we did find it amusing that the very first thing we heard Grossman say was " "A lot of those games we lost could have gone either way."

As Sterling Mallory Archer would say, God, that is just classic Rex.

The other noteworthy bit that came out of the interview was that Grossman admitted that he and Mike Shanahan discussed serving as a mentor to whichever young quarterback (again, likely Robert Griffin III) that the Redskins draft in April.

"Yeah he did," Grossman said. "We talked about the whole scenario."

That sound you hear is newspaper writers getting their templates out. Don't you just love it when one of your training camp features falls right into line?