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NFL Free Agency: Goodbye, Gucci: An Appreciation For LaRon Landry's Monkey

It's Animals Day here at SB Nation D.C., obviously, and since we've already given you an update on the progress of Jack the Bulldog, we might as well double down by paying tribute to the DMV's favorite simian, Gucci, LaRon Landry's white-faced capuchin monkey.

Landry acquired Gucci during the 2009 NFL offseason, and the monkey made its first appearance at Redskins Park shortly after. This was how Landry explained his new pet to Matt Terl, then the Official Blogger of the Washington Redskins.

"Just a thought over the offseason ... I didn’t want nothin’ too big. He’ll get up to fifteen pounds, live 35 to 50 years. When I die, he can die with me."

As Robin Williams said in The Birdcage, "How Egyptian."

Gucci mostly stayed out of the limelight during his time here, with the exception of a very bizarre, and apparently very brief, stint as a monkey model for 86dope, a personal shopping/wardrobe consultation/wardrobe coordination service run by one of Landry's buddies (The site's still there, if you're interested).

And now, Gucci and his master have gone to New York, where many come, but few conquer. Good luck to ya, and we'll always have that one video of you drinking orange juice.