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Bruce Allen Tells Fan Redskins, Cowboys Will Fight Salary Cap Penalty

Robert Griffin III's Pro Day is set to start in about an hour, so it was only natural that the Redskins' front office would head down to Waco, Texas to see exactly what they're getting for their four draft picks, including three first-rounders (we say again: THREE FIRST-ROUNDERS).

Everyone's been focusing on this soon-to-be-infamous picture of Mike Shanahan and Daniel Snyder with a Hooters waitress (judging by the look on the owner's face, it was taken after they ate), but I want to spotlight this excerpt from an ExtremeSkins message board posting about his meeting with General Manager Bruce Allen.

Eventually he hangs up and he instantly engages me ... I asked him about the salary cap fiasco and he told me in no uncertain terms they are going to fight it and so are the Cowboys.

Having gotten the chance to interact with Bruce Allen a little bit over the years, there's no question that he would absolutely go up and engage a fan solely on the basis of wearing a Redskins hat, especially in a place like Waco, Texas. And it serves to confirm what a lot of reports had implied: that the Redskins would be fighting the salary cap penalty by any means necessary. That's a good job by the fan to not get overwhelmed and to ask a point-blank question.