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Gregg Williams Investigation: NFL Found No Bounty System During Williams' Time With Redskins

With the news that the New Orleans Saints will be severely punished by the NFL for former defensive coordinator Gregg Williams' bounty system comes news that the NFL found no evidence to suggest that the Washington Redskins had such a system in place when Williams was the defensive coordinator for the Redskins from 2004-07.

In the official statement announcing the suspensions of Williams and Saints head coach Sean Payton, this was mentioned.

While NFL staff has interviewed people in connection with public allegations of bounty programs at other clubs, no evidence was established showing that the programs at other clubs involved targeting opposing players or rewarding players for injuring an opponent. Commissioner Goodell emphasized that if additional information is brought to his attention that discloses bounties offered for injuring specific opposing players, he will revisit the matter to consider additional discipline

This statement does leave the possibility for sanctions to come down on the Redskins if new information does ever see the light of day in the future. But for now the Redskins will be spared the proverbial rod from NFL commissioner Roger Goodell.

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