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D.C. Mayor Says No Deal Made Over Potential Redskins Facility

At a meeting last night in D.C., Mayor Vincent Gray said that so far no deal had been made to build a new training facility near RFK Stadium. In addition to that, Mayor Gray also confirmed that he has not talked with the team much since he visited a similar facility in Tampa Bay.

Nobody wants to bring out anything that is half baked to a community. I think the worst that you could ever do is bring out a proposal to somebody, and there are more questions than there are answers. That's one of the reasons why there was no community meeting around this, because there was nothing to present, and there still is nothing to present

Mayor Gray also confirmed that if the city did go ahead with making the new facility, the master plan for that particular area of D.C. would have to be updated and the site would have to be rezoned before anything could even be built.

Viriginia and Maryland have made their own pitches for the teams' relocation, but the Redskins have not yet committed to one. Prince George's County in Maryland would get the first opportunity to try and convince the Redskins to move their training facilities to their county should they decide to leave their current facilities in Ashburn, VA.

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